Student Stories

Have work experience in digital media and marketing?  Share your story on YouTube and be a part of FutureM (and win an iTunes gift card, too)!

This year, FutureM is all about showcasing, learning from, and catering to Boston’s incredible network of students. To this end, we are looking for videos that will help students/recent grads to better understand career opportunities in the world of digital and media marketing.

The format of the video (2-5 minutes) is entirely up to you — you talking to the camera about your experience in the digital marketing field; a “day-in-the-life” chronicle of your internship/work experience; an interview with the digital marketing superstars at your company — anything goes!  This should be a great opportunity for both you and your company to showcase leadership in this exciting new field.  Your video will be posted on a special YouTube channel we have created for this corner.  All you have to do is send it to  and it will be posted for you.  

Added bonus: By submitting your video you will automatically be entered into a lottery to win an iTunes gift card — we’d offer you free tickets, but students are always free at MITX events!

We look forward to hearing from you!

Need inspiration? Check out this video from one of FutureM’s student committee members:


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