FutureM Main Events

FutureM has other great options for students scheduled within the main conference itinerary:

Bentley’s CMT and A&G Tech Apprentice

Thursday, September 15, 6:30pm – 8:30pm

Launch the Tech Apprentice Competition with Allen & Gerritsen and discuss with students how they embrace social media in their life which they can use in the workforce.

Jack Morton Digital’s “Brandcamp”

Wednesday, September 14, 9:30am – 4:30pm

Jack Morton – 142 Berkeley St, Boston, MA

Brand Camp is a daylong exploration of brand specifically geared to introduce college students and entry level marketers to experience marketing. The day starts with meeting Jack Morton’s team of strategists, creative directors, project managers and writers to learn what an experience brand is and examining some of their favorite brands to understand the benefits of being one. Then through case studies they will learn about unique brand experiences and how brands have used marketing to achieve this powerful position.

After a networking lunch attendees will break into small groups and, with a Jack Morton team member to facilitate their work, make over a well known company as an experience brand. They research audience, goals and existing marketing efforts, online, offline, and experiential. Then they will brainstorm a makeover for the brand that elevates the brand’s position through experiential marketing then refine their ideas into a pitch that they present to the entire brand camp at the end of the day.

Brand Experience Camp is an experience unlike the typical college marketing course with direct access with an marketing leaders, real world case studies, networking, an opportunity to use work with real brands in an agency setting and receive feedback on their ideas and presentation skills from potential employers. This immersive event will give attendees insight into the latest trends in marketing, a glimpse of working in an agency and an experience that will impact their future in marketing.

Check out the FutureM Events Calendar for more events.


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